Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just so you know...

Our February Celebration Assembly will be held on Monday, March 1 at 9:15 am in our gymnasium. We will recognize students for Achievement, Effort, and the character trait, Perseverance. We hope that you can join us!

Measuring a Metre

We have started our Measurement Unit by closely checking out our metre stick. One of the expectations in Grade One is to use the metre as a benchmark for measuring length, and compare the metre with non-standard units. We estimated how many snap cubes it would take to make a metre. There were a variety of guesses (ranging from 7 to 1000). A couple of math-magicians guessed 50 AND they were very close!

How many snap cubes did it take to make a metre when we played On the Metre Mark?

One of our students came up with a brillant way to keep track of his counting! He put a red cube at every 10th cube. That way, he and his 'math buddy' could count by 10's when they were counting to the metre mark!

The 100th Day of Grade One!

We had a great time sorting our collections into ten groups of ten! There was a great assortment of collections - balls, pennies, UNO cards, cinnamon heart candies, beans, shells, buttons, et cetera. We enjoyed a special treat that created the numeral 100 before we gobbled it up!

Sometimes we were surprised that there were actually 100 objects in our bags. We had read a poem - 100 Is A Lot! - but sometimes it doesn't look like a lot to us.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just so you know...

-children have been asked (in the February newsletter) to bring a box to school. It will be used as a 'valentine' mailbox - we are starting to paint these on Wednesday!
-the Grade 8 students are selling 'candy-grams' for 50 cents during nutrition breaks; they are trying to raise money for their year-end trip.
-Thursday is the 100th day of Grade One!
-Friday is an early release day - a note from the office was sent home today (Tuesday).
-Monday, February 15 is Family Day - no school!
-our log-in for Bitstrips is "writeon" - your child is welcome to use this site at home, too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Analysing Texts

During our Literacy block, we have been working diligently on identifying the main idea and a few elements of texts (setting, characters, problem/solution in fictional books). Today we compared and contrasted fiction and non-fiction books. We discussed several of the text features that we found in the non-fictional books that we looked at with our 'elbow partners'. The non-fiction books often had: fact boxes, photographs, labelled diagrams or photographs, headings with bold font, and glossaries, table of contents, and indexes.

We will be starting to write our own DESCRIPTIVE REPORTS about sea turtles. Today we wrote what we think we know about sea turtles and then read some facts about them to see if we were right. We confirmed some information and discovered some new facts. We have more investigation to do!

Not a Shadow in Sight!

Today we discussed Groundhog Day and spent a few extra minutes outside during fitness break looking for our shadows. There wasn't a shadow in sight!
Wiarton Willie may have seen his shadow this morning, but none of the Forestview Falcons were able to see their shadows today!