Monday, January 28, 2013

Who is Antonio?

Ask your child who Antonio is?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Next Mathematics Investigation

This week we will begin our study of SHAPES AND THEIR PROPERTIES.  Both groups/grades will be working on the BIG IDEAS:
  • Some attributes of shapes are quantitative (the fact that a triangle has three vertices is quantitative), others are qualitative (the fact that a circle is round is qualitative);
  • Many of the properties and attributes that apply to 2-dimensional shapes also apply to 3-dimensional shapes;
  • Many geometric properties and attributes of shapes are related to measurement (Group 2 will be revisiting AREA when we focus on 2-dimensional shapes)
(from Marian Small's Big Ideas from Dr. Small - Creating a Comfort Zone for Teaching Mathematics Grades Kindergarten to Grade 3, page 63)

This week, we will begin our study by focusing on 3-dimensional geometry.  You can support your child's learning at home by trying these activities with your child:
  • Ask your child to describe the shape of an object, for example, whether it is like a sphere, a cylinder, or a rectangular prism.
  • Challenge your child to check several shapes to see which ones will roll, slide, or stack.
  • Ask your child to explain how two shapes are similar and different (encourage the use of "math words")
  • Challenge your child to sort shapes into group, then to try sorting them a different way.
  • Describe the shape of an object and ask your child to guess the object; then switch roles.
  • Have a 'shape hunt' at home - find examples of cubes, triangular prisms, pyramids, etc.
  • Use playdough to model various 3-dimensional shapes. Count the number of faces, edges, and vertices on each shape.
  • Invite your child to help you put away the groceries.  Talk about why you place particular packages and supplies together.
Ideas from Math Makes Sense Grade 2 (Pearson Education Canada) and Mathematics 1(Nelson)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lunch Lady Orders

The Lunch Lady hot lunch forms are due on January 9.
Our HOT LUNCH day is January 16. 
I am going to try the Potato and Cheese Perogies - sounds yummy!
Remember you can order on-line, too. (click order here)

Back to School

Just a reminder that I am looking forward to seeing everyone at school tomorrow!
I am excited to hear about everyone's break!
We have gym tomorrow.  If you brought your running shoes home for the break, make sure you bring them back to school.  You are probably ready for a Take-Home Reading Book exchange as well!