Monday, November 22, 2010

Our latest COMPREHENSION strategy - INFER and support with evidence

We have been learning about the reading strategy "infer and support with evidence". We have been using the hilarious books by David Shannon, No, David, David Gets in Trouble, and David Goes to School to learn how to infer.

I love the explanation that Susan Zimmerman and Chryse Hutchins provide in their book, 7 Keys to Comprehension (I highly recommend this book!):
Inferring involves forming a best guess about what the "evidence" (words, sentences, and [pictures]) means; speculating about what's to come; and then drawing conclusions about what was read to deepen the meaning of the literal words on the page. (97)

Each day we have examined a phrase from one of David Shannon's books and "APE-d our answer".
A - answer (we write what we inferred)
P - proof (we provide our evidence from the text and pictures)
E - experience (we write about our own experiences/schema about the inferred situation)

Have a look at one of our charts:

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