Sunday, November 25, 2012

DREAMBOX now linked!

Some students mentioned that they were having difficulty getting access to Dreambox at home using the URL that was printed on the letter home to parents last week.  My original link wasn't working either when I checked it this weekend.  I have changed the link so it will work now from the classroom blog.  It has been renamed "Dreambox Math!"

It would be great to set aside about 30 minutes in the evening to work on mathematics on Dreambox.  It is good screen time, as it is linked to what we have been learning about in class.  It is much more interactive than doing worksheets!  The program progresses at your child's pace and builds upon your child's current abilities.  I have told students to NOT ask family for help when working on Dreambox.  If your child is having difficulty, have her click on the "I need help" button.  The program will adjust if the activity is too difficult.  My own children have used Dreambox over the past two years, and I highly recommend its use.  I welcome your feedback, too.

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